Akira Technology


Akira Technology was founded in 1982 in Tokyo by engineer Akira Miura. From the very beginning, the main emphasis was placed on the production of climate technology "luxury" for megacities and industrial cities. The range includes a wide range of models, from compact mobile monoblocks to industrial air conditioning systems.

The company pays special attention to the development of air purification systems for the home. Residents of cities are important and need clean air. With the help of home climate systems Akira Technology pleasant and comfortable microclimate can be created in any apartment, cottage or country house.

Since the 2000s, Akira Technology has entered the international market. The main offices are located in Tokyo (Shibuya district) and new York.


Climate technology, developed by Akira Technology team, is in demand among people who appreciate comfort and care about health. It is characterized by compact size, modern design, functionality and high quality, as well as innovative features. With the help of Japanese technology can improve the indoor climate thanks to two important functions:

1) with the help of air conditioning and sterilization Akira Technology can get rid of contaminants and harmful impurities that provoke allergic reactions;

2) using Japanese climate technology, you can easily ionize the air to maintain body tone and feel better.


Akira Technology production laboratory uses the latest technology to create devices that improve health and well-being. The company produces "smart" equipment that is easy to install, made in an ergonomic design, and is equipped with a number of useful functions – from simple cooling to cleaning and disinfection of air in the room.

The company produces HVAC equipment that works without failures. To do this, we use high-quality parts, boards and chips developed in laboratories and manufactured by Akira Technology. Finished samples undergo several stages of automatic and manual testing.


The main priority of Akira Technology is the development of technology that will help people achieve excellent health, health and longevity. Buying an air purification system from the Japanese luxury brand, you get the opportunity to improve the microclimate in the house and take care of the health of loved ones!

You can choose and order Akira technology air conditioning systems on the company's website and in the stores of official dealers.